Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reading to the Music

Sebby got some pretty cool birthday presents from Ah Mah & Yea Yea. They are interactive books that read the story to you with music in the background. Darren & I find them really loud and we were planning to take the batteries out of them when Sebby discovered the books and couldn't get enough. 

One of his favourite activities is turning the pages so that he can hear the music in these books. He can spend minutes captivated by the music, turning the pages & bobbing his head to the music. He often begins swaying in anticipation before the music even begins to play. And when he gets to the end of the book he shouts "MORE" then starts over. 

Did you hear the "MORE"?

I was still tempted to take the batteries out until I realized that these books mean precious minutes of self-entertainment for Sebby. Earlier this week I was able to take my first shower without him in his highchair in the bathroom. Oh, the freedom to prep a quick snack or grab a shower while he plays! Well worth the annoying music that gets stuck in my head! 
Thanks Ah Mah & Yea Yea.

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Alyssa MacMillan said...

SO cute! Loved reading about sign language too! Thanks for sharing little bits of your little one's life. He is ADORABLE and it's great to see you and Darren are enjoying him so much!