Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Things

It happened again! We went away for a few weeks and while we were gone, Sebby learned so much. We keep saying that he is seems like such a "big boy" lately.


For months, Darren & I have been working on sign language with Sebby but other than waving, he wouldn't repeat any signs back to us. One morning in Prague, he was eating banana and he said "more" then did the sign for more. It was SO cute! I couldn't believe he did the sign unprompted, oh to know more of what's going on in his little head...

Sine then, he's started doing the signs for "all done", "water," "pear" & "chicken." It's really helpful for him to be able to more easily express what he wants but sometimes he gets a little mixed up. Tonight at dinner he kept flapping his arms, doing the sign for chicken over and over again. Yup, its pretty adorable!


Overall, we are noticing how much he has grown in communication. One morning on our trip, Sebby was whining so I asked him if he was hungry. He nodded his head yes and grunted. As soon as I gave him a snack, he was fine.

When I asked him another time if he wanted me to pick him up, he gave the same response, head nodding and grunting. (He usually tugs at our legs and whines when he wants us to pick him up).


He is learning to make more sounds and loves to chat to himself throughout the day. He is also getting good at copying the sounds that we make. We can tell that he is trying to say the words that he hears us saying.

When my brother, Patrick, was visiting, he learned to say "Pat." When we ask him a yes/no question, if the answer is yes, he will say "yea" or ignore us if the answer is no.


Since he was in the womb, Sebby really enjoyed music. One afternoon in Vienna, Darren turned on some music and Sebby started dancing. He stiffly bobbed his head from side to side and pointed his finger and thumb gun in the air and waved it from side to side. Neither Darren nor I taught him to dance like that, honest! That dance is all Sebby! Now every time he hears music, he bobs his head to the side.


Sebby pretends to be shy but loves attention, especially from ladies. He doesn't like to go to sleep. He's a bit stubborn. He knows what he wants and wants things "now." He often shouts "more, more, more" until he gets what he wants. He likes to learn and figure out how things work. He loves books, when people read to him and looking at books by himself. He often asks us to read the same books to him over and over again. He especially likes books with things he can touch or little flaps that he can open. He loves to laugh and play rough games with Daddy. He loves to tease and make people laugh. He is such a fun little guy to be around!

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lindsay said...

I loved this update. What a sweet child!