Friday, January 13, 2012

Sebby's Holiday Trip (Berlin, Prague, Vienna & Bratislava)

Sebby has now been on over 20 flights and continues to be an excellent traveler! This was our most ideal family trip so far because we were able to rent apartments in 2 of our destinations. This allowed us to put Sebby to bed at a decent hour then be able to enjoy hanging out a little later in the evening. Every time we travel, we learn more about how to successfully travel in a way works for all of us.

I wanted to share a few pictures of our little globe trotter during our holiday travels. Enjoy!

Our first stop was Berlin. Land of Christmas markets & amazing history lessons!

Patrick (my brother), Sebby, Darren & I in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

"Oooh, I wanna touch!" The Berlin zoo...probably one of his favourite days!

Riding on Daddy's shoulders during a walking tour of Berlin.

Prague was such a beautiful city!

In Prague with Daddy.

"I'm SO done with this walking tour!"

In Vienna we saw lots of strange & interesting animals!

"What IS this creature?" @ the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

"Pat & I are going to get this bird!" in the Hofburg in Vienna.

We enjoyed our last 2 days in lovely little Bratislava.

Visiting Bratislava Castle on a warm, sunny day. Beautiful!

I wonder if he'll be really disappointed that he can't remember all of the places that he visited when he was small?

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