Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't Cut Their Hair When It's Wet!

We'd been talking about how to get Mr.Wiggles to sit still enough for a haircut for the past few weeks. His mullet was getting out of control, the sides were half way down over his ears and the back was beginning to look like a little girls hair. But we were a bit baffled about how to get it done.
yesterday afternoon he was sitting so still in the bath that I impulsively grabbed the scissors and trimmed the sides of his hair around his ears. It was great because he barely noticed that anything out of the ordinary was happening since he's not feeling well and the warm bath calmed him down and made him very sleepy.

I called Darren in to have a look then he took the scissors to work on the back, assuring me that he knew what he was doing. He had been paying attention at the hairdressers when he got his cut yesterday!

We didn't get a good look at the finished product last night because I put our little sick boy right to bed. This morning when he woke up, we had to laugh at our handiwork. The "layers" that Darren so expertly cut into the back of Sebby's head are quite uneven and the last half inch above his hairline is thinner than the rest. Our cute boy looks like a monk! Well at least he doesn't look like a girl anymore. And at least we didn't have to bribe him with candy or pay 10 pounds for this haircut.

Although we are hoping his hair grows back in quickly. Think we'll give haircutting another stab but next time we'll attempt it on dry hair. In the meantime, if you have experience cutting little boys hair, we're definitely open to suggestions on how to get it right!!!

Pictures to follow. I couldn't get him to stay still long enough to get a decent picture of the back of his head this morning.


Vanessa Strickland said...

Oh Tara,
I feel your pain. Noah was difficult as a young baby but Jude? Oh my word. The kid WAILS. I finally mustered up enough courage to cut his hair a week or so ago and it actually turned out well. Jamie also coached me on cutting some layers. We started on dry hair and I just dipped a comb into a glass of water to slightly wet the hair.
We put him on a plastic chair in front of a movie with candies that Jamie would occasionally pop into Jude's mouth and Koolaid. Oh yes. We pull out ALL the stops. :P The kid hates his hair being cut. But he tolerated it.
There's got to be some sort of YouTube video with tips on cutting little boys hair. :)

Tarren said...

Ha ha, thanks for the tips, Vaness!! We will definitely try dry hair next time and I do like the dipping the comb in a glass of water idea.