Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Name Game

Sebby has become a real parrot of other people's speech and spends a great deal of time every day repeating what he hears. We now realize even more what a little sponge he is and are more aware of what comes out of our mouths because it is repeated back at us throughout the day.

Lately, he's picked up on the fact that Darren calls me "hun" and has started calling me "hun" when he really wants to get my attention.

He usually does it when Darren is there too and Darren always explains that my name is "Momma" and that Daddy's special name for "Momma "is "hun" bur he figures if it works for Daddy, it works for him too.

He has also started calling me "Mom" recently. 
 He must be realizing that people can have multiple names. 
He knows himself as "Sebby" or "Sebastian" and even "Lung See Chuen" (his Chinese name) but he can't pronounce any of those names, he calls himself "Bobby." We thought it was hilarious because that's what his cousin Bryce (2 months older) was calling him this summer when we were back in Canada.

Wonder if the nickname "Bobby" will stick?

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