Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guess When Baby O Will Arrive!

We're making this pretty easy on you as we've decided to do this pretty late in the game but we decided it would be fun to post a poll to see when people think Baby O will make an appearance.

To make it even easier for you, I'll remind you that today is less than a week before her due date...October 5th if you go with the "last monthly period" calculation or October 6th if you go with the measurements from the ultrasound tech.

If Darren were betting, he would have already lost. For the past 3 evenings, he has had a feeling that "tonight would be the night" and last night was tempted to blow up the birthing pool "just in case" but still no Baby O.

I played around with a few options of for polls but my lack of tech savyness proved that the easiest way to set up the poll would be to do a blogger poll right on the sidebar of the blog here. I had to change the whole layout because I couldn't figure out how to have it show up on the other layout I was using but it still seemed easier than trying to figure out how to get widgets & hyperlinks to work for me (I tried and they weren't working!).

Please comment to let me know which date you chose, I just realized the Blogger poll lets the voters anonymous. In other words, unless you comment to say you voted, I won't if you guessed correctly.

We're hoping & praying it will be soon so get your guesses in quickly.


JDH said...

My vote is the 6th!

Maggie said...

My vote is for the 4th.

Shannon said...

my vote is for the 8th of October cause it's Jason and my 7th wedding anniversary. Lol. Would be a special surprise for us if you would please work it out so she shares our anniversary. jokes!

Kelie said...

October 7th!