Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feeling Pregnant

At 38.5 weeks, I have to say that I am finally feeling very pregnant! I am thankful that for the most part, this pregnancy has been easy on my body and that I have been able to be  quite mobile and active throughout the pregnancy.


This week I have needed to slow things down...

I am starting to find bending down very difficult/somewhat uncomfortable, it makes my stomach feel a bit sick actually. 

I used to get down on the floor a lot when picking up toys, playing with Sebby, helping him get dressed but am making more of an effort to sit on couches, chairs or beds because I am finding it such effort to get back up again from the floor.

I wake up feeling achy and sore and am beginning to feel like a whale when I turn over in bed. I am happy (for the most part) to stay at home and putter around with Sebby for most of the day, although I still aim to make it outdoors for at least a half hour per day even if its just to the park at the bottom of our street. I know that fresh air & exercise is important for all of us!


I am glad to have completed most of the items on my pre-baby to-do list and although new items are continually being added (like sorting through the toy box this morning at 6am!), I am quite content with my progress made. I have post-baby paperwork mostly figured out & filled out. We booked my moms tickets for her November visit. The hood of the kitchen stove has been de-greased. The bassinet, carseat & baby chair were dropped off on Monday night (which made me feel so much more ready for her to arrive knowing that she has a place to sleep!).

Getting pretty excited for Baby O to arrive!


Nanny said...

Sounds like you're all ready! Good luck! :)

Tarren said...

Thanks Nanny! Looking forward to bringing her back to PEI in the summer to meet everyone. Dad said you were enjoying your time in Hawaii!