Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Bed Update

The first few days of transitioning Sebby to a big bed seemed a bit too good to be true. Every nap and bedtime, he would eagerly get into bed and wave goodbye as we left the room. As soon as the door closed, he would cry softly for a few minutes then go to sleep. 

We were amazed that he never tried to get out of bed until a few nights later when he did. A few minutes after we left the room, we heard the door creak then saw Sebby with a huge smirk on his face re-emerging from the bedroom. He was pretty proud of himself for figuring out that he could escape. Darren couldn't help but laugh, which of course made Sebby think what he was doing was hilarious. He ran up to me asking me to sing him more "Bee bees" (the ABC song). I took him back to bed and sang to him a few more times then left. He came out again few minutes later with the same request. We repeated the process a few more times until we decided, much to his dismay, that he would sleep in his crib that night.

Although naptimes in the big bed continued to go smoothly, each night he would come out a minute or two after we left the room. We would give him a few chances to stay in bed but would end up sleeping in his crib. We thought perhaps we might go back to having him sleep in the crib until Darren had an idea...

He would sit outside the door, holding it closed so that when Sebby tried to come out, he wouldn't be able to open the door. Since he was asking for more "Bee bees," Darren said that he would sing more from outside the room once he was back in bed. He got out of bed once or twice more but then decided that since he couldn't get out of the room anyways, he would settle in and go to sleep. 


We'll see if this strategy will stand the test of time and if after a few nights, he will give up getting out of bed and just settle down to go to sleep as he was doing initially. 



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