Saturday, September 15, 2012

37 Weeks...Almost Ready!

It's hard to believe I'm already 37 weeks, full term by many definitions! Here in Scotland, the National Health Service defines full term as 38 weeks so since I'm being cared for under this system, I'm trying to go by their definitions.

Although I'd be a bit disappointed to not have the opportunity to attempt a homebirth if O is born this week, I'm so looking forward to meeting her and would be excited for her to arrive anytime. She could decide to make an appearance any day now since I'm in that "five week window" (between 37 & 42 weeks) when the baby is most likely to come.

And I have a feeling she will show up before her October 5th or 6th due date.
(If I go by when I had my last period, the 5th is my due date but after my ultrasound, they adjusted it to October 6th).

Thankfully the weather hasn't been great and the urge to nest hit me pretty strong and early this pregnancy as Darren is quite busy with work this month. Sebby has been a great little helper as I've been getting lots done around the flat over the past few weeks. 

A few of the projects I've worked on...

- Washed all our baby girl clothes 
(a friend dropped off a big suitcase of 0-6mths stuff)

- Cleaned and re-organized our kitchen cupboards

- Re-organized Sebby's closet 
(to make room for O's 0-3 mths clothes) 

- Re-organized our closet 
(to make room for O's blankets and diapers since she'll be sleeping in our room at first)

- Took out of boxes and put away all baby stuff in new homes
- Washed the outside of our large & very dirty living room windows 

- Cleaned & organized the front closet 

- Washed walls, baseboards and heater in the living room

- Received the homebirthing kit & re-organized the front closet
(I had to make room for the 4 large bags)

-  Got our homebirthing pool ready to go
(read the instructions, ordered a liner & cover)

- Started practicing Hypnobirthing breathing & visualization exercises every evening

- Attempted potty training Sebby
(he just couldn't figure out how to poo in the potty so he's back in diapers for the time being)

 - Moved Sebby to the big bed
(although this wasn't high on the priority list, he was interested and so far, so good)

I still have a few more projects to work on/things to get ready, although the top few are most important and I won't stress if I don't get to the rest of them...

-  Borrow bassinet & infant carseat
 (need to get on this one ASAP in case she comes early!)

- Continue daily practice of relaxation, breathing & visualization

- Spend time researching strategies for helping Sebby have a smooth transition to being a big brother

- Book flights for my Mom's visit 
(we're planning to have her come in early November)

- Get together with 2 friends in Glasgow who have had homebirths to learn more about their experiences & get tips/advice
- Give the kitchen a good clean

- Wash the outside of our bedroom window 
(need Darren's help to move the bed)

- Do a good clean of the kitchen including inside the oven, washing the walls & stove top

- Look into the process for getting O a passport, birth certificate & visa

Although "to do's" are important, I am trying to prioritize spending quality time with Darren & Sebby and getting lots of rest before O arrives because I know once she's here, I may have at least a few months of sleep deprivation ahead of me. Babies are more than worth it but there is no denying that they are physically and emotionally demanding.


Vanessa Strickland said...

Well done, Mama! So productive!
I so hope O comes early as you feel she will. I felt SO SURE that Jude was coming early (I think largely because having 2 babies within 2 years makes you just feel everything SO much more - that and Jude was a whole pound heavier!) and it was so hard to have him come ever LATER than Noah did!
Hope she hangs in there for at least one more week so you can have a home birth!

Tarren said...

That could be the case for me too...I definitely do feel everything a lot more this time around. I don't know how I would feel if she came late since S came almost right on time (7 mins early!) so I haven't yet experienced a baby being born after their due date. I can imagine I might be impatient. 3 weeks out I'm not keen for her to arrive any earlier, esp cause things on campus as just getting going so its a busy time for us, we're enjoying meeting new first year students, etc...