Sunday, February 5, 2012

Observing Sebby Lately

Sleep Time

Sebby went through a phase of falling asleep while clutching Lamby with one hand and his sippy cup in the other hand. When I put him in bed for naps, he would crawl over to the corner to get his sippy cup, sit up to have a drink, then lie down, clutching tightly to the sippy cup. When he woke from naps, he had Lamby in one hand and his sippy cup in the other. After about a week, he decided that he didn't need the sippy cup to sleep, just Lamby. Now the cup sits in the corner of his bed unless he is thirsty and wants a drink.

His Tastes

Although Sebby is somewhat of a picky eater, it seems like he can't get enough of strange tasting things like his thyme & licorice cough syrup. It tastes so strong that he blinks hard and grimaces when he has his first taste but always asks for more.

Last week I made some bright orange gluten free play dough. Although it was extremely salty, he kept putting chunks of it into his mouth and saying "MMMM!" I think eating it was his favourite part of the play dough activity but I didn't mind as it kept his attention for a good 10 minutes. Amazing for a kid who usually has a much shorter attention span!

A Lover Of Music

He still LOVES music and raises his hands (or sometimes just one finger) in the air the minute he hears music. He's a hoot during the praise & worship time at church!


Sebby is getting even better at imitating the sounds that he hears us making. He is starting to use the
word "no." Uh oh!!!

He also likes putting my cell phone up to his ear and talking on the phone. He makes little noises then puts the phone up to my ear so that I can talk too.

He is doing really well at picking up new signs but sometimes mixes them up. When he really wants something he pulls out all his signs, especially the signs for "water" and "grape" (or as he says, bape), his two current favourites.

Getting Around

He still crawls quite a bit but seems pretty excited to be walking now. At first, it didn't seem like he realized that he could walk but he seems to now. 
He walks with both hands out in front to steady himself and usually manages about 8 little steps before falling onto his knees.

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