Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Words & Other Skills

I wanted to record some of the neat things that I have observed Sebby doing over the past week or so because at this stage in his development, it seems like he learns a few new skills every day.

  This weekend it has been particularly exciting to watch Sebby make improvements in communication. He put two words together for the first time, asking for "more toast!" The way he says toast is really cute because he draws it out and it sounds more like "TOE-SSST."

I also noticed that his comprehension is growing. He is able to respond correctly when we ask him to point out his nose & his toes (or "TOE-SSS" as he would say) using his pointers from both his hands at the same time.

All weekend he has been obsessed with music, asking for music the moment he wakes up, using his special sign language, until the time he goes to sleep. Darren showed Sebby to snap to the music and now Sebby makes a snapping motion with his fingers to the music. He is fascinated by the snapping sound and hasn't figured that out yet, although the motion is pretty close to right on! He's a pretty observant little guy.

Sebby is also getting very good at opening doors around our flat now. In some ways, I'm really thankful for this new development because it means that he no longer freaks out when he closes himself in a room. He used to love closing the doors but as soon as a door closed, he would want me to come right away to open it. He has been having tons of fun practicing closing his bedroom door then opening it and letting himself out again. He used to stand by the bathroom door and shout when Darren took a shower, upset that he wasn't invited in. You can imagine how pleased he is with his new ability to open the bathroom door when Darren is in there! I don't think Darren is as excited about losing his peaceful time showering.

Wonder what other skills Sebby will master this week?!

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