Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Little Sponge!

Well our dream became a reality this week when we started to realize that Sebby is picking up a Scottish accent. He started saying "nooooo" in the same cute Scottish accent as his friend, Eva. 

We can't help ourselves from bursting out laughing every time he says it.


It appears that 3 year old Eva has become an important influence in his life because he is also "sharing" just like her too! As soon as another child touches his toys he says, "nooooo" & tries to grab them away from them. He experienced many rough afternoons attempting to play with Eva's toys, quickly getting a shove and a loud "Noooo Sebby, Eva's toy!" Lately, Eva has been extra kind to Sebby and has been learning to share quite nicely but it seems that Sebby is just beginning this super possessive stage a bit early. May the drama in their relationship continue...

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hdogtraveler said...

That is so incredibly cute! What a dream come true. A scottish canadian asian boy!