Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Look what Sebby figured out how to do a few days ago...


Looks pretty proud of himself!
Last week I noticed that he had gotten VERY brave at the playground, climbing the stairs to the big kids slide and sliding down arms out, head first. Zero fear of falling.

This week he is climbing like crazy!

Two days ago he was trying to climb from the top of our kitchen step stool onto the counter. Yesterday he climbed on top of the coffee table.
Today Darren caught him trying to climb from the chairs onto the kitchen table.

Today he had his first climbing fall from our living room chair.
I'm sure it was the first of many.

Reminds me so much of when my younger brother Kevin (now 18!) was Sebby's size and climbing everywhere the minute you turned your back on him.

He's also become a lot more confident in walking over the past few days and since Sunday he has been on his feet a lot more. 

He's growing up so fast!

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