Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sebby's Carseat Miracle!

Last week an amazing thing happened...Sebby learned to sleep in his carseat!

Sebby & I were hanging out with our Mommies & Monsters group on Thursday and were getting a ride home with a friend. I was a little nervous that Sebby might cry the whole way home if he got too tired. When it was time to go he was quite tired and had just finished eating. I put him in the carseat and he went to sleep and stayed asleep for a half hour!

To give you a little context as to why I would be so excited about Sebby sleeping a half hour in the carseat, I should tell you that he has not been a fan of his carseat.  He almost always cries when we go for drives over 10 minutes and as a result, car rides are stressful affairs for the whole family. When we manage to go somewhere without Sebby having a meltdown, I breathe a huge sigh of relief. 

Last Friday, I had a lot of running around to do in preparation for our move and I wasn't sure how Sebby was going to do with it. We had been in the car about 10 minutes, when I back to see his eyes fluttering closed. Whew! No crying AND a 30 minute catnap. I was thrilled. Later in the day we were back in the car and again, I looked back to see his eyelids drooping closed. He slept for another 30 minutes!!! Who was this child and what had he done with Sebastian?

Saturday, we had a repeat performance of the 30 minute carseat catnap and I was astounded. Could things be turning around? Then, Sunday he napped for a record 90 minutes! Sebby was on a roll and we were over the moon! Stress free car rides and the possibility of getting out a bit more while Sebby sleeps.

Darren & I kept talking about how amazed and excited we were about Sebby's new skill until Monday, when we had some crying and an overtired baby who couldn't fall asleep in the car. We lamented that our good fortune may have been a fluke but hoped that Sebby was just having an "off day."

Much to our relief, Sebby turned things around on Tuesday as we woke him and loaded him into the carseat to drive to the airport. He went back to sleep and stayed asleep till they made us take him out to go through security. When we arrived in Toronto and began the drive back to Peterborough, he cried for a few minutes but settled down and went to sleep for most of the hour and a half drive. Phew!

Maybe this is a sign that our little guy is growing up but whatever it is, we're thrilled that Sebby seems to be enjoying car rides quite a bit more.


Roxane said...

That's great! It must have been challenging to have him not sleep in his carseat. That was my miracle solution when Jacob would *not* sleep! I don't know if you've thought of it, but I talked to a mom once and she said her son wouldn't sleep in his carseat either, and when she took him to an osteopath they found out he had a slight misalignment in his spine that made him uncomfortable. Not saying that Sebby has this problem, but if you have insurance it might be worth checking it out.

Tarren said...

Great suggestion! I may just get him checked out, we're covered for osteopathy.