Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sebby's Adventures in Food

After his first taste of chicken puree, we gave Sebby avocado because we read it is really healthy for and had heard from friends that their babies liked it.  Although he enjoyed the process of eating and messing with the avocado in his mouth, we could tell by his hilarious expressions that he wasn't crazy about the taste. Maybe the buttery, richness was a bit strange for him?

Today he tried carrots for the first time and loved them! I'll bet they have been his favourite so far. He finished his little bowl and was still looking for more. Sad we're not in Alberta anymore because he won't get to taste the best carrots around (Beck's carrots are super sweet and delicious!).

Wonder what we should give him next? We're trying to stay away from any allergenic foods (eggs, dairy or soy products, beef, potatoes are a few I have read to watch out for) until we figure out what is aggravating his eczema other than dairy & soy. Suggestions welcome.


Karen said...

Forgot to mention that a number of the Chinese doctors and allergy mags I have read say to stay away from nightshade vegetables, e.g. tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes. I know for myself that tomatoes and peppers are huge trigger (itchy and inflamed within an hour).

jammer said...

What about bananas? Or sweet potatoes (or maybe they're the same category as potatoes)? I've heard those are popular :)