Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Half Birthday to Sebby! (Sebby's Sixth Month)

Darren and I were recently looking at pictures and commenting on how much Sebby has grown and changed since he was born. It's hard to believe he is over 6 months!

Lately we've been having so much fun watching his developing strength and personality. Unfortunately, I've been slow to post details on here but I want to get better so I don't forget. He has even developed new skills since his six month half birthday but I'll save those details for next time. Here are a few of the highlights from his sixth month:

Our Almost-Mover

Just a few days before he turned 5 months, Sebby rolled from back to belly for the first time and has been working on that skill over the past few weeks. His favourite time to do it is while he's on the change pad on the floor and I'm reaching for a new diaper. So funny seeing his little bare bum as he flips around and reaches to grab at the basket of clean diapers, the package of wipes or whatever is around!

When we put him on the floor on his tummy, he likes roll around or push himself up on his hands. He tries to get his legs or knees under himself so that he can crawl. Sometimes he pushes himself around a half turn or kicks his feet like he is swimming. When he gets tired, rolls onto his back and rest there, pulling at his blanket or a toy.

I put him down on the grass for the first time and right away, he pulled himself forward and began uprooting handfulls of grass to get a taste. Mmm, dirt & grass. Must have been pretty cool seeing those blades of grass from his perspective!

He has also learned to move around inside his sleep tent. Sometimes I find him at the very top corner but most often I find him very close to the door. He has even escaped a few times! One morning, I heard him cry and when I went in, I found him playing on the floor outside his tent.

Learning to Be a Better Sleeper

Sebby has learned to fall asleep in his carseat, a gift from God for his parents who love to get out of the house. Perhaps having a routine helps as he has gotten accustomed to going to sleep after being awake for about two hours. If we are out past the two hour mark, he begins to show signs of sleepiness and has learned to just close his eyes and go to sleep in his carseat. No tears! What a great skill!

Nighttime sleep has still been a challenge, especially because his eczema seems to bother him at night as he often scratches his face at night. Sometimes his stomach seems to bother him as he wakes up throughout the night with bad gas. We've made some progress since his six month birthday but I'll save that for next time.


Sebby is becoming so much more interactive and playful. Darren is probably his favourite playmate, as soon as Darren is within his range of vision, you see his face light up with a huge smile. When Darren is around, it's almost impossible to get him to focus on eating or anything else because he is following Darren around with his eyes and smiling as soon as Darren looks his way. Darren always gets a great laugh out of Sebby when he bounces him on the bed or by blowing in his face. Lately, Sebby has been responding to whatever Darren does by blowing bubbles back at him. So cute!

He is now most focused while "working" in his exosaucer and can tune out everything else while playing in there. He has learned to play with all the toys on his dashboard and it's fun to watch him spin himself around to use the various toys.

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