Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Little Mover!

We could tell for awhile that Sebby was getting eager to be mobile! He started to really enjoy tummy time and every time we put him on the floor, he would try to move himself towards any interesting thing in his line of vision: toys, magazines, bottles, plastic bags, basically anything and everything.

It has been neat watching him try whatever maneuvers necessary to help him reach his goal. His attempts usually involve lots of arm flapping, leg kicking (like swimming), twisting, push ups and planks. Sometimes he even puts his forehead into the floor to help push himself forward.

Over the past week, he's been working on coordinating his knees and feet so that they line up under his body. Then on Wednesday evening he finally did it! I set him down on the floor in his room with a toy slightly out of reach then turned to tidy up. When I looked back, he was pushing himself up on to both of his knees and inching his way forward to grab his toy! So cool to see him succeed at something he's been working so hard to learn. He still finds it exhausting but we can tell that he is very determined so it likely won't be long until he really masters this skill
It's amazing to think that over the past few weeks he progressed from being able to roll himself around to pushing himself in circles, to moving backwards and now crawling forwards. Look out world, Sebby is on the move!

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