Saturday, July 2, 2011

New & Improved

Just look at this face!

It's such a relief to see the eczema on Sebby's face cleared up for the first time in weeks!

We tried to avoid the traditional medical approach (harsh creams with scary possible side effects) but after about 4 weeks of almost constant eczema flare ups, we re-considered. He was especially itchy in the evenings and waking up so frequently to scratch his red, hot, itchy face that I had to sleep beside his tent to hold him down.

We had tried several other things to keep him from scratching but none of them worked. Sock mittens were useless because no sooner as I pull them on, he'd be taking them off with his other hand or mouth. His cocoon wasn't working anymore because he is strong enough to stretch the neck and get his hands out the top. Swaddling wasn't an option because its summer and too much heat aggravates his eczema.

We providentially got an appointment with an allergenist who was booking for November because his daughter was the walk in doctor we saw for a referral. She called in a favour for us and we had an appointment booked within a few days.

We saw him on Monday and he tested Sebby for 11 things and he reacted to peanuts (by far the strongest reaction, a welt appearing almost immediately after the prick), egg whites, wheat and soybeans.

Since Sebby is so young, it is difficult to know if he is truly allergic to these things but the doctor advised me to avoid them if possible. (I didn't tell him that I've been avoiding all of those things and more since beginning a hypoallergenic diet after seeing a naturopath last month). I was thankful to have some hints as to what Sebby may be allergic to but disappointed at the same time. It will be a challenging road ahead with sensitivities to dairy, wheat, eggs and soy.

The doctor also prescribed a protopic .03% cream for Sebby's face and betaderm .1% for his body. He advised us to use the creams sparingly and only until the eczema cleared up then to continue moisturizing like crazy. We felt nervous about using them but were reassured when we learned that the protopic is less harsh than a steroid based cream and will not thin the skin on his face. We decided to give them a try, using them only once a day after a 20 minute swim or soak in the bath.

Amazingly, the skin on his face cleared up almost completely.

No more itch or scratching, a comfortable baby at night and a momma who can sleep in her own bed again!


Vanessa said...

Yay! LOVE this. So glad for him and for you. :)
More sleep for all!

Susan said...

yeah!!! while the med route is tough.. sometimes it is necessary to stop the excema in it's tracks and then control with the diet avoidance things. On wards and upwards!