Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sebby's Peterborough Adventures

Today is our second full day in Peterborough and already Sebby is having so many adventures! The great thing about Peterborough is that it's small and easy to get places in between naps.

Yesterday evening we went for a walk at Jackson Park and Sebby met a turtle.

After Sebby's morning nap, we went swimming. He LOVED the water and was kicking like a little frog. What fun! We'll definitely go again soon.

This afternoon, we went to the zoo.

Peterborough has an awesome zoo that's free so it's a great afternoon activity. Sebby wasn't too in the animals but enjoyed hanging out with his parentals, checking out the fences, gates and water inside the exhibits.

 Hanging out with Daddy.

 Not too interested in the camel. The camel was interested in him, though!

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