Monday, May 30, 2011

Sebby Eats Real Food

I was not the mom counting down the days till I could begin feeding my little one solids. In fact, I had no interest in starting Sebby on solids a day before 6 months until everything changed this week.

All of a sudden, Sebby seemed to go crazy for food! At every meal, he was frantically grabbing at our plates to get food and was staring and salivating every time Darren and I put anything, including our toothbrushes, into our mouths. At church yesterday, he grabbed my water bottle and put it up to his mouth so I tipped it up and he happily lapped water until his shirt was wet and he threw up back into the bottle (gross, I know). He had also began waking more frequently at night and seemed hungry every time.  Almost all the signs were there except he's still a bit precarious when sitting up unassisted.

Darren has been waiting for this day to come for months and all week, he has been tempting Sebby with whatever food he has on hand (usually junk food). Sebby has been valliantly swatting at Darren's chips, cookies and squares all week, hoping to get a taste.

Last night, Darren steamed some chicken that we mixed with breast milk and and mashed into a puree. I put a bit on my finger then put it into Sebby's mouth. No look of disgust, so I put some on a spoon and put that in his mouth. Still, no spitting choking or crying. Instead, he was all smiles as he sucked the chicken puree into his mouth. He would blow spit bubbles onto the spoon then swallow his concoction of chicken, breastmilk and saliva like it was the most delicious thing he'd ever tasted.

So we're going for it! Let the adventure of solids begin! 

P.S. Sebby slept longer last night, he only woke up twice!!! Hope that wasn't just a coincidence.


Roxane said...

I loved that phase! Making the purees and getting him to try new foods was so much fun. Despite the 6 months guideline, I think it's really important to follow the baby's cues (Jacob stopped STTN at 5½ months) and you're doing a great job!

Tarren said...

It's been fun! I wasn't really looking forward to it at first but once he started grabbing at food, it got exciting.