Friday, May 20, 2011

Sucker Punched

In other health related news, Monday morning Sebby woke up with a red and swollen eye. I thought maybe he had scratched himself in his sleep but when it wasn't any better by evening, we decided to get it checked out.

The doctor took one look at his eye and said it was conjunctivitis (pink eye). He said it would likely clear up in two weeks or less but cautioned us that it was quite contagious. He said that Sebby would likely get it in the other eye and if we weren't careful, we'd get it too.

So far, Darren and I have been spared but yesterday morning Sebby woke up with another red and swollen eye. So frustrating, just as thhe first eye was starting to get better, his second eye has become infected.

I think and hope that he's on the mend. He hasn't been sleeping well and Darren thinks he looks like he was sucked punched.  (Haven't taken any pictures of him like this).

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