Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sebby's Fifth Month

Sebby will be five months in a few days and he has had an exciting month of growth (he now weighs just over 15 lbs) and development!


Sebby is a lot more comfortable with rolling and really seems to have mastered that skill over the past few weeks.

He is continuing to build upper body strength and now actually enjoys being on his tummy!

Seb has been practicing sitting up this month and he has sat unassisted for up to a minute before toppling sideways or forward.


After lots of researching and some trial and error, we've had HUGE improvements in the area of sleep over the past month! Some of the changes include:

- Seb went from almost never napping in his crib to napping almost all of his naps in his crib.

- He went from needing to nurse or go for a walk in the carrier to fall asleep to being able to fall asleep in his crib within minutes.

- He went from needing to be swaddled to sleep to being able to sleep in a sleep sack.

- He went from waking almost hourly some nights to sleeping a four hour stretch most nights.


Seb seems to LOVE to hear his own voice! He is making many different noises and really enjoys making noises when he eats. He makes noises that sound like real words and although they make us want to thing that our little guy is super intelligent, we know that its just coincidence.


Sebby still loves peek a boo and reaching for the "baby" in the mirror. He is just beginning to discover his toes and he reaches for them while we're changing his diaper.

He has also developed more of an interest in grabbing at and manipulating objects.

Sebby has also enjoyed playing with his baby friends this month. Here he is playing with his friend Vlade and Vlade's toy monkey. So cute!

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