Friday, May 20, 2011

Rice Milk Lattes Aren't So Tasty...

Poor Sebby!

We've been experimenting with different creams and strategies to deal with his eczema for a few months now but nothing has helped. I know it's super itchy because I catch him trying to rub and scratch it, especially at night and in the morning.

I've been talking to different friends and health care professionals about eczema and have learned that it is often food related. I wanted to try as many things as possible before starting to cut things out of my diet so last weekend we got him a hazelwood necklace. Some people report relief in as little as 24 hours after wearing one, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be helping Sebby yet.

Finally, after a flare up on Tuesday evening where his cheeks were glowing red and hot to the touch, I bit the bullet and decided to made some changes to my diet! As of Wednesday, I'm avoiding both dairy and soy (our doctor told us that soy is more of an allergin than dairy so if I were to begin eating more soy, I may not find his skin any better). I'm thankful for friends who have given me so many cooking tips to ease myself into this new way of eating.

Rice milk lattes sure don't taste great but avoiding the dairy products that I love is a sacrifice I'm willing to make if it means Sebby's skin will feel better without having to use steroid creams.

Sure hope it helps!

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