Sunday, May 12, 2013

She's On The Move!

Still reeling from her new-found ability to sit unassisted for longer than a few seconds, Ophelia has been perfecting a new skill...


I can hardly believe baby guurl is on the move!

She had been getting around in circles pretty well for the past few weeks but I noticed this week that rather than crying when she couldn't reach something she wanted, she seemed to be moving herself around to get things! I have been watching with fascination as she's been figuring out this crawling thing.

I started placing things she liked just a little bit out of her reach and watching her inch forward to get them. A few days ago, I put her down and went to another room briefly. When I came back, she was on the other side of the living room!

 She's working on a pseudo commando crawl, pulling herself with her arms, while at the same time, pushing with her toes. It's pretty awesome to watch. I haven't taken any pictures yet but will hopefully get on it soon.

I can tell she is rapidly gaining strength. Seems like it won't be long until she's pulling herself up on things and walking around them.Yikes! Baby guuurl is growing up so quickly.

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