Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Family In Krakow

Last month was had the opportunity to spend a week in Krakow, Poland, with Darren's parents. It was a beautiful city with a tragic history. 

We ate lots of typical food and learned about the culture and history through doing walking tours and daytrips to Auschwitz and the Salt Mines. One of our favourite things to do, though, was to spend time in the main square. Sebby found "Goliath's head" and had a ball playing in it! We didn't see even one playground in the city but it didn't matter. He would probably have happily played there all day every day if we'd have been up for it! 

Ophelia missed sleeping in her cot but still enjoyed her time in Poland as well. She found being in the carrier all day a bit challenging but her smiles brightened people's days wherever we went!

Here's a picture of all four of us taken near "Goliath's head"!
When we go back to Canada, we'll miss being able to hop on a plane for another European adventure at every opportunity (holiday!).

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