Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Guuurl

It’s been fun to watch Ophelia grow as she begins interacting more and more with the world around her. At 7 months, she loves putting things into her mouth and is growing in her accuracy in doing so. She grabs at whatever is in sight and definitely recognizes the sight of food, which she is always excited about. She kicks her feet and makes noise when she really wants of likes something. For example, when she sees me filling up the bathtub or holding food or in church when the music starts playing.

Lately, she's been enjoying spending more time with Daddy. She even enjoys when he lifts her in the air long as he doesn't toss her up! 

She is a great eater and it’s been fun having her join us for meals. I often give her food off my plate unless it’s too hard (she only has two bottom teeth) or too spicy. Some of her favourite things to eat are pears, apples, mangoes, avocados, carrots, grapes and courgette.

She is quite vocal and often chats happily in conversation with us. She perks up when she hears music and loves when anyone is singing.


She does well playing by herself on the floor, reaching for things and rolling over to get them. She isn’t crawling yet, just shouting or crying for help when a toy gets pushed out of her reach.

She also has a keen interest in whatever her big brother is doing, she finds him pretty interesting! She wants to read (or eat!) all the books he reads, play with all the toys he plays with an check out all the clothes he wears (her fave is his starry rain coat!). She also likes when his friends come over to play because they also give her hugs and kisses.

Sebby calls her “baby guurl” or “pretty girl” or sometimes by her name, “Ophelia” and he likes interpreting for us what she’s saying. He will yell “it’s OK baby guuurl” from the other room when he hears her crying and is usually happy to help pass toys to her when I’m busy. He likes to help change her nappies and help pick her up after her naps. His job is turning off the white noise maker and he gets upset if I do it before makes it into the room.
They sometimes play together on the floor while I'm cooking or getting ready in the mornings.

He is a typical older brother though, too. Now that Ophelia is old enough to touch his things, he doesn't like it. He sometimes quickly snatches them away from her. Or if he sees her doing something that “isn’t allowed”, he’s very quick to tell her no. 


But he’s protective of her when others are around and rushes in to give her more hugs the minute someone else wants a little cuddle from her. 

 We love our baby guurl!

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