Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our Imaginative Two Year Old

 Sebby is growing up so fast. We can't believe he's already almost two and a half.

He's becoming so imaginative and has a great time making up new games to play. I left out an empty box this afternoon and he put it on his head and said he was a robot. He pretends that he's swimming in the sea under the covers in his bed. He sits under the table and pretends it's a boat. But his favourite things to imagine these days are giants and dragons!

A few months ago, a friend posted a chart that shared some hints on how to discipline less by understanding your children's behaviour. For Sebby's personality type, it suggested making sure he had physical outlets, fun and adventure in his life. 

When we were on holiday in France over Easter, Darren had the idea that Sebby would enjoy our vacation more if we made each day into an imaginary adventure. 

It worked! 
(Thank you Child Whisperer!)

We started listening for bells (because that means that the giants are waking up) and looking for clock towers (because that is where giants live). It was a great strategy that kept Sebby excited and happy while at the same time allowed us to see the things that we wanted to see (churches, Roman ruins...all places where giants could be hanging out!).

In Krakow, we found Goliath's head!!!

Now that we're home, he still loves looking for dragons, giants, trolls and other imaginary creatures! He runs down the street shouting, "Goliath, are you in there?" and he looks for swords (sticks) that he can fight giants with. He would rather run than go on his scooter now because that way he can have a sword in hand.
He's gotten his face painted twice now and finds the whole process very amusing. He can't stop looking at himself in the mirror! 

Most recently he was a tiger. So cute!

He still loves to read.

The Jesus Storybook Bible (especially David and Goliath!) and 
The Land Long Ago (about a dragon!) are his current favourites. He and Daddy can spend a whole hour in his room reading books.

Daddy taught him a rhyme about tying shoelaces and he's eager to learn, although he still needs help. He can put his wellies on by himself, though!

Lately, every day has been filled with fun and imagination. I love standing in the doorway of his room and watching him play. Sometimes he sings to himself, which is more talk singing at this point but it is pretty adorable. 

Of course, sometimes there are tears, like when he trips because he's running so fast or when he's having a hard time sharing toys with a friend, but he's generally a very pleasant little guy. 

Having a two year old sure is a lot of fun!

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