Thursday, October 27, 2011

Visit With Ah Mah & Yea Yea

We were blessed to have Ah Mah & Yea Yea (Darren's parents) visit us in Scotland for a few weeks. Sebby enjoyed an opportunity to spend some quality time with his grandparents. Here are a few highlights:

Sebby wasn't sure what to think of Yea Yea at first but he warmed up quickly. In fact, he really enjoyed teasing Yea Yea once he got to know him better. He would shake his head "no" when Yea Yea asked to hold him, make silly faces at him or pretend to offer him food or toys then take them away just as Yea Yea would reach out to take them.

Ah Mah spent a lot of time playing with Sebby and they had tons of fun! On our day trip to Edinburgh, he fell asleep in her arms on the train. We were amazed because he hasn't fallen asleep in our arms in months! She said her secret was singing to him.

During our weekend in Oban, Sebby hung out with Ah Mah & Yea Yea on Sunday afternoon while Momma & Daddy took a nap.

Hanging out with Yea Yea & Ah Mah on the last day of their visit.

We will miss them!

Next time they see Sebby, he'll be walking without help. He's growing up so quickly!


Anna May said...

I love the pictures. When I meet other grand parents, the top topic is our grand child/ren. From your pictures, you can see why, we are all very proud of our grand children. Sebby is very adorable. You two are doing a good job of caring for the gift from God.

Tarren said...

Ha ha, I'm sure you will see a lot more pictures when you meet up with them again, Anna May, they have a whole memory stick full of them now!