Friday, October 7, 2011

Enjoying My Sleepy Guy!

Today Sebby woke up at 5:43am. Oh how I wish he would sleep later! I went in at 6am to nurse him and thankfully he (and I) went back to sleep until 8:30. Rushed out the door 15 minutes later, almost missed our 9am appointment with the herbalist!

He was yawning all morning so I put him in for a nap at around 11 but he woke up 20 mins later. Soon  (maybe 40 minutes after he woke up?), he was whining and puling at my of the ways he tells me that he wants to nurse. So I started feeding him and wuthin 5 minutes he went back to sleep.

I should have promptly transported hm to his crib and got on with my day: laundry, tidying our room or exercising but I didn't. I'm sitting here with a sleeping Sebby in my arms because I won't be able to do this much longer and I'm sleepy too! I don't feel like hanging out the laundry just yet.

"Hello Sebby!" He just stirred & popped opened his eyes. Guess that was the missing 25 minutes from his shortened first nap. I'd better go because he's ready to start "helping" me with this post! (This morning he removed one of the keys from my keyboard! Cleaning it in his mouth I think??).

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lindsay said...

What a sweetie. :)