Monday, October 31, 2011

Mr.Independent/Daddy's Boy

Lately Sebby has become Mr.Independent, venturing off into new places the minute you put him down and beginning to "play better" on his own. Even if playing on his own means getting into things like crazy, its been awesome seeing him gain an even greater interest in engaging with the world around him.

One of the cutest things he has been doing lately is reaching out to touch the people sitting beside us on the subway.

Thankfully most of these people find this as cute as I do.

He likes to be on his feet whenever possible.

"Hey look over there!"

Along with the new independent streak, he has also developed an intense interest spending time with Daddy! The minute he wakes up, he is calling "da da da" and continues looking for him throughout the day. During the afternoons, he waits on pins and needles for "Dad" to get home, looking towards the door at any noise he hears outside our flat. He wants to eat only what he sees Daddy (like chicken legs off the bone!) and grapes, of course. He wants to do what Daddy is doing and go wherever Daddy is going...this morning he wanted to go to work with him so holding my hands, he followed Daddy out the door & down the stairs (this boy has NO fear!).

It's so cute to see my two boys playing together! Sebby enjoys the loud noises and playing the rough games that Daddy invents and Momma enjoys a bit of a break when Daddy is around. 

This is definitely a fun new stage for Daddy, who is used to being of interest for only a few minutes of playtime every day. These days, the whole day is playtime and Daddy is of interest all day except right before bed or whenever Sebby needs to be comforted. For those two things, Momma is still the go-to-gal.

I am so grateful that Sebby has both of us parents around so that he can benefit from our unique strengths as he spends time with each of us!

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