Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Celebrating Sebby's 10 Month Birthday!

Yesterday I made flourless chocolate tortes (for Darren & I) in celebration of Sebby's 10 month birthday. We feel so blessed by our little guy and we are really enjoying watching him grow.

Sebby is becoming so much more interactive! Over the past month, he has learned to wave, give high fives and make kissing noises when we say "kiss."  So adorable! He also says "more" when he wants more food. When he gets really excited, he waves at random objects or waves both hands in the air.

We have fun swinging at the park, walking and blowing bubbles. We went swimming once but it was a bit challenging because as soon as I put him down to get stuff organized, he was escaping out from under the door of the cubicle. So we're waiting till Daddy can come with us next time. He enjoys a nice long bath before dinner every day, though.

He looks forward to when Daddy arrives home each day, looking towards the door every time he hears a noise in the hallway. When Daddy finally comes in, Sebby smiles and squeals with excitement. 

A huge milestone from the past month is that Sebby has learned to self soothe. That means that he can usually fall back to sleep on his own when he wakes up in the night. Occasionally, he needs our help to settle down again but this is a huge improvement! He can now last the night without nursing which gives us all an opportunity to get a bit more sleep.  


This month we did a two day trips (Stirling & Edinburgh) and one weekend trip (Oban) and we are so thankful that Sebby continues to be a great little traveler. 

He is no longer content being in the carrier the entire day but he still does great. Daddy enjoys carrying him and exploring together.

Sebby's eczema has been flaring up a lot less and as a result, he has begun eating a lot more in the past month. He is beginning reject plain steamed food in favour of things with more flavour, especially if he sees us eating it. We're surprised by some of the foods that he has recently tried and enjoyed like figs, grapefruit and orange juice. Yesterday ate asparagus except the tips, which he spit out! He also tried Yea Yea's (Darren's Dad's) rice noodles with chicken, carrots, bacon & curry powder and loved it (who wouldn't?!). Grapes are still his favourite but chicken is a close second, followed by baked cauliflower.

He's becoming more mobile by the day, getting more steady on his feet and faster at crawling. Nothing within his reach goes untouched in our house and there are finger prints on every wall and door in our house to prove it! He gets on his tiptoes to reach things and crawls and gets stuck under chairs, tables and beds (he cries for me to come and rescue him when that happens). He loves to use all of his strength to unplug cords and put them straight into his mouth.

Sometime he sneaks into other rooms to eat cords or climb up on the heaters or play with the dials on the heaters. He can also reach the oven control buttons now and loves to push all of them...thankfully he can't turn the dials to switch on the oven yet! Sometimes he is content to sit in his highchair watching me cook but often he crawls around the kitchen, trying to get into cupboards that are off limits or eat fruits and veggies that don't taste that great when you eat the skin...clementines, onions, garlic or bananas.

Sorry for the super long post but what an amazing month we've had!

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