Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sebby's Latest Adventures with Food

He LOVES plums & nectaries. He climbed up and helped himself to this one!

He enjoys eating fruit out of his mesh feeder.

He loves packets of baby food puree and baby rice cakes with blueberry and raspberry. They're all he wants to eat some days. I think they feel good on his teething gums.

We're still confirming and discovering new food allergies, unfortunately...

He tried zucchini last week and he started scratching his face right away. I could hardly believe how red it got after a few tiny bites.

I tried a soy latte because I wasn't 100% sure if he was allergic to soy since I stopped it at the same time as dairy. Now we know he is allergic to soy too, as soon as I fed him, he started getting little red bumps on his face, back and belly.


Loni said...

Poor Seb! Glad he has such great parents to help him through this!

Tarren said...

Loni, its not too bad now but I think it will get more difficult as he gets a bit older and really wants to eat things he can't have or sneaks them when we're not looking!