Friday, September 23, 2011

9 months!

Wow, I can hardly believe that Sebby is 9 months! I think I write this every time but SO MUCH has happened over the past month.

He went from having one tooth to four, more like two and two half top teeth that are trying to push their way out and causing him lots of pain.

He is getting louder! He went from saying only "mama" to babbling regularly and even screaming. He still says "mama" most often but also says "ah ba", "ba ba," "mmm", spits and makes clicking noises with his mouth. He screeches loudly when he's excited like when Daddy comes home from work or when he wants something (like more grapes).

He has developed a love for grapes and rice cakes. Everything else I offer gets dropped off his tray on to the floor. He is getting more coordinated and better at picking up food and small pieces of dirt. When he eats bananas, he mostly squishes them between his fingers. He likes to eat other fruit when Daddy holds it and helps him.

He went from just barely being able to pull himself up to standing, to walking around the furniture and pulling himself up on everything. If I leave him on the ground, he crawls over and pulls himself up on my leg.

He also likes to walk around the house holding our hands but he especially loves to stand and jump in his crib, knocking the rails so hard that the whole crib shakes.

He still commando crawls most of the time, being particularly fast if he sees a cell phone or cord lying around. He also likes playing with wooden spoons, the Tupperware cupboard in the kitchen. He plays with one "real toys", a Thomas & Friends book that plays music.

Outdoors, he loves to watch the birds fly by, pull leaves off trees and swing in the park.

 Overall, Sebby has gotten so busy that the days seem to just be flying by! I can barely keep up with the blog or anything online because as soon as he sees the computer open, he pops over to help type...or bash on the keyboard!

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