Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day in The Life of "Mommas Little Helper"

I thought it would be fun to document a day in the life of our busy little 9 month old. Here are a few shots that I was able to capture on my phone in the midst of the chaos. 

Here goes...

Making sure the straps on his high chair are secure and then pushing it out of the way.

Helping get rid of things we don't need...like this Ikea catalogue!

Giving bunny an eye exam.

Finding the chocolate that Daddy hid from Momma! (This one is a bit dark because he found it in the bottom of our bedroom closet!!)

Making sure the washing machine is getting all the stains out of our clothes.

Cleaning up spilled rice so Momma doesn't have to scrub again.

Making sure there weren't any broken clothespins in the bin.

Whew, what a little helper!

Other activities that I didn't capture on camera: eating phone cords, pulling "baby books" off the shelves, disconnecting the internet (to prevent Momma from getting distracted?),  climbing the clothes drying rack (to see if the clothes were dry?).

Tips for childproofing and entertaining a 9 month old welcome!!!


Shanny said...

It's just the beginning Tara! I find Silas busier now than he's EVER been at 1.5 years old. Running, climbing, hiding, getting into EVERYTHING. The other day he was dragging the toilet brush around the floor saying 'sweeping.' We have busy boys I think! Silas' favourite activity at Seb's age was ripping tissue paper into a million pieces. Sometimes- it was the only way I could shower!

Tarren said...

LOL, "sweeping"!!! I remember my siblings putting unraveling whole rolls of toilet paper into the toilet but so far Sebby just loves to eat it! And almost everything else too!