Friday, September 30, 2011

Crawling, Crawling Everywhere

He did it! Last week Sebby figure out how to crawl on his knees! He has been doing commando crawling for a few months now and would even get up on his knees to balance but always lay back down on his belly to move.

Last Wednesday morning (September 21st), I put him down on his bedroom floor and he got up on his knees and crawled towards me! I wasn't sure if it was a fluke or if he had actually figured it out until I saw him do it again a few minutes later. 

I really knew he had it that afternoon when I called to him from the other room because I could hear him starting to get fussy. I walked to the doorway and he crawled towards me. I backed up to see if he would crawl a bit farther and he did so I backed up again. By that time he was getting quite upset with me because I was busy taking videos of him and wouldn't pick him up. I couldn't help it, it was just so cute to see him crawling towards me, crying loudly!

With just over a week of experience under his belt, he has already gained more independence as a result of this new skill. This morning I set him down then a minute later when I turned around, he was nowhere in sight. As I walked into the hall, I could see him scampering into the bathroom. He was just about to knock over the garbage can when I scooped him up and turned him around.

Looks like we'll be in for lots more fun and adventure as he continues to crawl faster while working on standing at the same tome.

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