Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sebby's Seventh Month

Oops, this one is really belated as since we left Onatrio in mid July, I've had only sporadic access to internet. I started drafting this post a eat or two before July 18 and was intending to add a few more details but will just post as is, seeing as another month has passed. The name of the game. This month is mobility!

Sebby has been wiggling non stop and inching his way around the room whenever we put him down. It has become increasingly difficult to diaper and dress our little mover but it sure is cool to see him catch a glimpse of something then use all his energy and concentration to help him get ahold of it. He isn't very quick yet but what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in determination, often digging his forehead into the ground to help push himself forward. We're anticipating needing to childproof as we me in to our flat in Glasgow because by August he will likely be motoring around with more agility.

He also likes to take a few steps while holding on to Daddy's hands but gets tired out fairly quickly. He can sit up very straight but prefers to lounge with at least one foot up in the high chair. On the ground, he rarely stays still for long enough to sit but he does have the ability to sit unassisted.

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