Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unsolved Mysteries with Eczema

Sebby's eczema is still an unsolved mystery! Since our visit to the naturopath in June, we have been very careful with both my diet and his but we have not seen his eczema clear up for more than a week before a new flare up starts. A few weeks ago, I cut out cinnamon, garlic and coconut from my diet because I read that they are common allergies in children but he continues to have flare ups every few days.

It's been frustrating to not know what is causing his eczema to flare up, especially because the hypoallergenic diet is difficult to follow and is beginning to feel like a waste of time.

Almost 2 weeks ago, we had a consultation with a herbalist who was experienced in working with children with eczema. She made three recommendations: we give Sebby chamomile tea baths, a herbal tincture and apply starflower cream to his face. She said that we should likely see results within three to six weeks.

So far, although the cough that he'd had  for over a month cleared up within a day or two, he continues to have flare ups every few days! Other advantages of the herbalists recommendations arethat the starflower cream keeps his face well moisturized and he hasn't been too itchy. Plus he can't get enough of the tincture, he LOVES the taste!

But unfortunately, it seems like until we figure out what he is allergic to and stop exposing him to those allergens, no treatment will work.

On to the next experiment...we're planning to see a medical doctor to ask for a referral to a children's allergy clinic. We have heard that in some cases, it is possible in the UK to get blood allergy tests for children under a year old. We know that those allergy tests aren't always reliable at such a young age, however, we thing that its worth a try.


Roxane said...

Must be tough keeping up with all the particularities of Sebby's diet while travelling like that... I hope Sebby (and you!) find relief soon.

Anonymous said...

Is Eczema something that Sebby may grow out of? hopefully for your sanity and his! Great to see you trying herbal remedies as some more chemical-based medical supplies surely can't be particularly good to keep trying on children. best of luck with it. said...

How frustrating!!! I've been researching food allergies and just read last night that oftentimes when you cut one thing, you find you're allergic to the book suggested a rotation diet. Not just replacing, for example, milk with soymilk, but rather rotating so as not to grow allergic to soymilk too...

Will be praying that you figure this out!