Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 Days

We went away for 10 days and when we arrived back home, we were left wondering how our little Sebby could be growing up so quickly. Apparently 2 weeks in the life of an eight month old is huge!

When we left he was figuring out the commando crawl but was relatively stationary. He would get quite upset when we left the room but would just sit there crying. Yesterday when I set him down and left the room, he crawled after me. He came into his bedroom when I was putting his clothes away and climbed into the bottom of his closet.

When we left, we suspected that he would be getting into things soon. Now, we can't leave him unsupervised for even a second because he is into EVERYTHING! At one point, I looked away for 5 seconds and found him with his hands and face covered with his cream...he was eating it! Another time, I found him eating Kleenex. While we were eating, he pulled everything off the bottom of the bookshelf and put every cord in sight in his mouth.

When we left, he loved being held in a standing position. Now, he is pulling himself up to standing on his own and is attempting to climb in and on everything he can reach. He pulls himself up in the tub, on the couch and on his diaper box, balancing quite steadily. Last night he almost fell head first in to his tub as I was filling it with water.

When we left, he wasn't saying much other than mama when he was tired, crying or wanted to nurse. Now, he is babbling throughout the day.

It's amazing to watch Sebby learn new skills so quickly! Wonder what he will learn to do next?

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