Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prenatal Exercise with Attitude

I was curious about the kinds of exercises that are safe for pregnant women but I was having difficulty finding detailed information online. I found out about some prenatal exercise classes in the city and went to check out a complimentary class.

The exercise portion of the class was great, low impact but intense enough to get your heart pumping and muscles working. However, the class environment was horrendous!  The teacher was totally unprofessional in the way that she conducted the class because she allowed and even initiated such negative topics of conversation. Here are a few examples of the conversation over the course of the evening:

#1 - I arrived first and was chatting with the instructor about my pregnancy. I mentioned that I had some early complications while overseas and had to return home early. The instructor replied, "Well that just gives you reason to resent the baby even more, eh?" I was taken aback and appalled that she would make such a comment. The conversation only got worse as the other people in the class arrived!

# 2 - The first woman to arrive spent 10 minutes before the class complaining about her recent vacation with her boyfriend. She hated the resort they stayed at because she doesn't like golf and the rest of the activities were off-limits for pregnant women (water sports and horseback riding).

# 3 - While we worked our abs, the instructor brought up Stampede and wondered if anyone was going. Almost all of the ladies agreed that the Stampede sucks when you are pregnant because you can't go to bars or get drunk. Too bad for them!

Overall, I was really disappointed in the poison environment of the class, especially because it was a great workout. Too bad because I was really looking forward to the class but exercise classes should promote healthy attitudes and healthy lifestyles at the same time!

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