Monday, July 5, 2010

Experienced Mom's to the Rescue

Last night I was reflecting on just how blessed I am to be connected to so many experienced mom's who are so generous to give advice to a first time preggo like me. The more I talk to other mom's, the more I feel equipped with the skills and information I need to thrive as a mom. It has amazed me and helped me not feel alone as I enter this new stage in life.

- Yesterday in church, a mom came up to me and offered her maternity clothes to me! She said that she has a whole bin sitting there and she would love it if they went to good use. Wow, maternity clothes are not all that cheap and it is hard to find cool ones. This lady has great taste so I'm looking forward to wearing what she is lending to me!

- Last night I had a long chat with a friend and mom of three beautiful kids. I learned a lot but one of the most interesting tidbits I learned is that pregnant women get shortness of breath. She actually said that she could hear my pregnancy shortness of breath over the phone as we talked. I thought that I was short of breath as least several times over the past few days but I dismissed it, thinking that it was probably just in my head because my chest is not congested and I don't have a cold. It is reassuring to know that I'm not inventing new physical ailments!

- When I was in South Asia, I received countless emails and a few phone calls from mom's who had experienced complications during their pregnancies. I was reassured that many people I knew, although they had bleeding during pregnancy, made it through to deliver healthy babies.

- I said something on my Facebook status last week about being overwhelmed by the choices for strollers out there and 5 or 6 moms responded to let me know their favourite strollers and why. Narrowing down the search to strollers that were recommended by friends made things so much less overwhelming and after a half hour trip to a baby store, Darren and I now know exactly which stoller we want to get!

Thank you experienced mom's for all your advice and encouragement, I truly am blessed by it!

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