Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby Kicks?

I THINK that I started feeling tiny baby kicks from Little Tarren this week. My Mom said that it feels like someone poking you with their toe but mine feel quite light...a little fluttery feeling, like something lightly brushing against the inside of my belly. I have noticed it while lying in bed at night or sitting on the couch in the evening.

I suppose there is no way to confirm whether these sensations are indeed kicks from Little Tarren or my imagination getting the better of me but I'll stick to my story...they ARE Little Tarren saying hello.

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Sarah said...

I think the fluttering feeling is definitely LT, claim it proudly! Maybe not kicks so much as just rolling and floating around but gradually those legs will get big enough and strong enough.

For me it progressed like that, and actually before definite kicks was the feeling that they were traveling from one location to another and I would feel the pressure of them pressing in one place and could see a lump. THEN the actually sharp-action kicks started though the moving from place to place remains the weirdest and often more uncomfortable of the feelings (depending where they go!)

But maybe your baby is a future World Cup star and wants to warm up early. One thing I have learned so far, everyone's experience sure is different!