Monday, July 12, 2010

Classical Music to Make Baby Smarter?

Darren heard that having babies listen to classical music in the womb will make them smarter so two nights ago he began a special bedtime ritual. He chooses two or three songs from his classical playlist and then puts his iPod headphones up to my stomach so that baby can listen to the music.

This morning I decided to do some research and I found out that if a mother listens to soothing music before the baby is born she can play that music to calm the baby after he/she is born. The article said that there isn't much scientific data to suggest that having the baby listen to music would make them smarter, though. Oh well, either way getting LT accustomed to classical music can't be a bad thing.

Darren also reads one story from the Jesus Storybook Bible as part of our bedtime ritual. I figure that it's more important for Darren to read stories to LT since s/he hears me talking all the time as I am carrying him/her around all the time. I am sure that this is an excellent habit to get into before our baby is born.

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Meghan said...

Love this!
Babies totally recognise the voices the hear while inutero, and I love it when Dad's talk to bellies.
My mother sang "Mama's going to by you a mocking bird" (not sure if that is the officially title actually) while she was prego with me, and to this day there is something calming about that song. She claims that after I was born and was fussing she would sing it to me and I would calm right down. It's actually my song of choice while trying to settle a little one back to sleep when babysitting ;)