Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Two Year Old

Sebby is growing up to be such a big guy. He's talking more and more and every day he surprises us by coming out with new sentences and expressions. This week he's been talking about going to ride on a train in Spain. (He knows we're going to a conference there next week).

He's very observant and has a great memory. He can quote lines in many of his favourite books and points out interesting details in the pictures. His favourite thing to do is read books!

He is getting more creative in his play. 

For Christmas he got a tool set and he enjoys climbing the big ladder and working with his tools. He cooks in his kitchen, usually making eggs for us. He likes to sit on his wooden digger and scoot around the flat. Last week he was riding around saying he was going to visit our friends Amber and Aunty Joyce. He often pretends to go to the beach or to work. He fills a backpack with treasure then heads out but not without coming over to kiss Ophelia and I goodbye before leaving. 

Cooking Chinese food in "Bebby's kitchen".

Wearing sunglasses.

He's definitely TWO now!

We noticed a big change in him about a month before his second birthday. My mom was visiting and one day when she asked him to do something, he responded with a loud "no, no no!" It seemed totally out of the blue but I knew he was entering "the twos" and that this type of response might become typical for awhile. Indeed, he says "no" a lot now, even when he wants something.

Sitting with attitude at the Botanics.

It has been interesting to watch Sebby enter this stage. He is beginning to develop boundaries and a more defined sense of self. He has even stronger opinions about what he wants to do and acts more determined and confident to do things himself. "Sebby do it" is something he says multiple times a day now, wanting to pour his own milk, carry his own bowl to the table or put on his shoes.

Roaring like a lion at the Botanics.

When we're out he wants to walk or be carried, he does not like the stroller one bit unless he is exhausted or needs a snack. Unfortunately, he is getting too heavy for me to carry on my back while Ophelia is on my front so he is learning to walk or scoot. He is still getting used to the scooter, though, so he gets tired out pretty quickly. Thankfully we bought a pull cord so we can drag him along behind us. Sometimes I bring the stroller if we're going more than a 20 minute walk away from home or I have a lot of things to carry. I feel bad because putting him in the stroller often results in a lot of screaming. I'm going to try to make an effort to leave earlier so he can have more time to walk.

Scooting makes him warm!

Sometimes his emotions get out of control.

At least once daily he can't decide what he wants and goes back and forth 50 times or even more before making a decision. For example, he'll ask for water then push it away and say no. Then as soon as I take it away, he'll start whining and asking for it back. Then as soon as I give it to him, he pushes it away, not wanting it. Over and over again he'll say, "water...no water...water...no water..." Sometimes he finally decides to take a drink of water but other times he just moves on to something else.

Cheeky smiles.

Sometimes he has big tantrums.

They are usually over something small and it's often hard to see them coming. Lat week he got realy upset because a friend who was over playing tried to touch his scooter. 45 minutes later he was still crying and screaming, swatting and generally upset. It wasn't until Darren came home that he calmed down.

VERY upset about something.

We love Sebby!

 He's tons of fun and makes us smile and laugh countless times a day. He's smart and has a soft, empathetic heart. A few weeks ago, Ophelia got her immunizations and when she started crying, he started crying too. He is interested in what she is doing and always points it out, "Obia talking. Obia smile. Obia eyes open...."

"Obia hold hands."

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