Friday, January 4, 2013

Catching Up

 Last week someone asked me Ophelia's age and I said a month. Oops, time is flying and I haven't written anything down! Sebby is also changing and growing so much and I haven't been recording those things either. Time to catch up! I think I will do a general post on both kids and lots of pictures then go back and post about other happenings that I missed later.

Sebby (23 mths) holding Ophelia (1 month) in November.

Ophelia is growing quickly and she is so cute! She is wearing all 3-6 month onesies and some of her dresses are even bigger sizes. I noticed a first tooth starting to show but it hasn't popped out yet. She has been sucking her thumb and chewing on her hands a lot lately.

She is social and loves to smile, chat and read stories with Daddy and Sebby. Sebby is the one who gets the most smiles from her.

She is curious and never wants to miss anything it seems so she has a hard time napping sometimes because there is just so much of life to discover. In the evening, she loes here bath, which seems to relax her a lot. She prefers to be close to Momma after dark and sometimes gets fussy if we are out in the evenings, especially is noisy or busy places.

Ophelia. Late December, almost 3 months.

Sebby is growing leaps and bounds in stature as well as in his ability to communicate. He learns new words daily and puts together more and more sentences. Some of my favourites are "Momma hold hands" and "Momma come too." He is a sweet older bother and loves talking to and teaching Ophelia. The other day he was showing here how to share, passing his dog toy her then saying"Obia share" then taking it back.

Sebby is also learning boundaries and now says "no, no, no!" at times. 
Yes, he has lots of opinions already!

Since the Christmas holidays started, we have realized that Sebby is no longer able to nap and still go to bed at a decent hour. It was an abrupt change, almost like he suddenly went from napping 2 hours every afternoon to no nap at all! We probably just missed the cues because during November and December we went out lots, had a lot of guests come over and often let him stay up until 8:30 or even 9:30. He would do OK up to 10pm as long as he had napped a bit later in the day. When we attempted to put him to bed earlier, we noticed he wasn't even tied and would come out of him room, still ready to play.  He still gets a bit tired in the afternoon, around the time he used to nap. He still would like to nap most days but we can't let him or he will stay up half the night! Your days feel much longer when you don't have to be home every afternoon for a nap! 

Puddle splashing in the afternoon with Daddy.

These two keep us on our toes and we're loving it!

Vacationing in Belfast in December.

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lindsay said...

I love reading your updates. Ophelia is so beautiful!
I can just imagine what a great big brother Sebby is becoming. He's so sweet and helpful! :)