Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Darren has been encouraging me to get back to blogging so I decided this morning that I would make it a new years resolution. Darren and I had previously decided upon a new years resolution, at least for the month of January,  to eat four vegetarian meals a week. It is something we have wanted to do for awhile but haven't gotten around to prioritizing. I felt the same way about blogging, life with two kiddies has been rich and I want to make sure to remember all of these wonderful blessings in our lives but it has been a challenge for me to take initiative to record them.

Today Darren kicked off our vegetarian resolution with a great vegan and wheat free Asian meal for us and some friends. It was a delicious effort and a great time,especially because Sebby and their three year old boy played so well together. We aren't used to such uninterrupted chatter and it was a really big treat.

Today also marked the beginning of us helping Ophelia learn to sleep on her own. Since she was born, she has been taking all her naps with me in the carrier and sleeping in bed with us at night. I have really enjoyed having her so close and getting to know her so well over the past three months but I began to sense that she would get better quality daytime sleep if she could learn to nap in bed. I know that selfishly, I could continue to have her take all her naps in the carrier but I want to be considerate of her needs and I think she is capable of mastering the art of self soothing with a bit of practice. Today she seemed to really get the hang of thumb sucking, something she has been working on for awhile, and as a result was able to fall asleep several times while sucking her thumbs. She was frustrated at times and very tired by the end of the day but I am confident that she will catch on quickly.

It has been a great start to 2013 and I am so excited for the adventures that this new year has in store for us.

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