Saturday, August 18, 2012

Welcome Back Killer Leg Cramps & Enjoying Sebby Time

It's hard to believe I'm already 33 weeks along. This has been a stellar pregnancy, I've have felt very healthy throughout except a few weeks of pelvic pain that was sorted out after a few visits to the osteopath. The fact that the early morning killer leg cramps have recently appeared is only a very small inconvenience. I have nothing to complain about.

In excellent pregnancy-related news, we had a scan (ultrasound) this week that showed that Little Lungette's placenta was in a good place (there was concern in the previous ultrasounds that the placenta was too low). We had been praying that the placenta would not be covering the cervix because I really wanted to have a homebirth. The ultrasound also showed that her head was down, getting cozied in and ready to come out in a few weeks.

I'm sure the next few weeks will fly by! This time we don't have any extra freezer space to prepare food in advance so we don't have too much more to do in order to be ready. I'm just waiting for a sunny day so that I can wash the new clothes and nappies we've been given. 

And I'm trying to cherish of these last few weeks of having just one child. Sebby is 20 months and at a really fun stage, starting to talk a lot. As we're walking outside, he is a constant stream of observatory dialogue, pointing out everything he sees. It goes a bit like this...

 "dog, dog tail, dog eyes, dog nose, tree, door, brick, dig dig (digger), raining, hat, baby, tree, raining, umbrella, dog, chair, door, duck, car, car, police, flower, bunny, door....."

He's getting to be such a big boy and loves doing everything he sees us doing. He's becoming a great help! He sets the cutlery on the "big" table before meals, he helps cook, he scoops the coffee into the coffee grinder for Daddy in the mornings and he puts the groceries from the shopping cart onto the counter at the grocery store.  

Helping make pizzas.

 He can say his name now...almost. He calls himself "BOBBY!" The funny thing is that when we were back in Canada, his little cousin called him "Bobby" too. We think it's pretty hilarious and try to get him to say it as much as possible.

We tried out a great new playgroup yesterday called Mainly Music. I really recommend checking it out as the program started in Australia but is now hosted in cities all over the world. There is a half hour of singing (it's fun and age appropriate for Sebby) then a snack time for the kids. The last half hour is a free play time for the kids and snack time for the adults. There are home baked goodies and drinks. The other parents in the group were so very friendly and welcoming that I decided on the spot to commit to going as often as possible. I also love that it only happens every other week because it makes it more manageable to plan to commit to going every week of the session. Another bonus is that it only costs 1.50 each week. For such a well organized program, that's a steal!

Hope you have a great weekend! We're enjoying a lazy rainy Saturday morning in. Daddy is editing pictures from our time in France and Sebby keeps bringing him books to read. I'm trying to motivate myself to get up and make pizza dough so we can have pizza later but this couch is just so comfortable.

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Vanessa Strickland said...

That's so great that you've felt so healthy this whole pregnancy. Yay!

We're having a lazy Saturday as well. There is a huge fort occupying my entire living room at the moment and the boys are eating trail mix. Well, Jude was putting his on the floor and so I had to tell him {for the third time} to bring it to the table if he couldn't keep it in his bowl.

We had pizza last night! It was delicious.

Wish we could "do life" together at this stage, but it's great that you blog as well so I can keep up to date on life-stuff. :)

Happy 33 weeks!