Saturday, August 18, 2012

We Met A Fireman

Walking up the hill this morning after a little outing to the Botanics, a woman stopped me to ask about the Pod (I had Sebby on my back as usual). As we chatted, she told me that there was a Family Day at the Fire Station near our place.

I knew Sebby would love it so hurried home to give him lunch and a nap so that we would have time to drop by before it ended.

Sebby's favourite cartoon is Fireman Sam! For months, he's been interested in emergency vehicles fand points them out when they pass as we're walking. Since we live so close to the fire station, we hear the sirens every time a fire truck is dispatched to a fire and Sebby stops what he is doing to listen.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon for a visit to the Fire Station! As we walked into the parking lot, we were surprised to see how festive of an atmosphere it was! There was face painting, a bouncy castle and 2 fair rides but Sebby passed by quickly on the way to the open police van parked nearby. Then he noticed the fire truck parked with doors open and hurried over to take a look. 

As I passed him to the fireman to sit him in the seat of the truck, he started to get a bit scared and asked to get down.

Daddy got in the fire truck instead.

We talked to the fireman and watched other kids get in and turn on the sirens in the truck instead.


Although he didn't want to get in the fire truck, just before we left, he decided he wanted to sit in the police van.

Driving the police van.

What a fun little afternoon activity!

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