Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Home But Missing Someone Very Special

"Oh noooo!" 

On the bus on the way to the airport in Nice this morning, Darren & I had a terrible realization. Sebby's best friend, Baa Baa (his stuffed sheep), was left behind at the guesthouse! I felt like a terrible parent for not checking to see if Sebby's best friend had been packed.

They'd been playing together at breakfast and as we rushed out to grab the bus to the airport, it totally slipped my mind to make sure that Baa Baa had been put into the bag. (He was probably left on the couch in the guesthouse.)

We decided the best course of action (to avoid even more disappointment) was to not make a big deal about it and quickly change the topic of conversation when Sebby mentioned Baa Baa.

The most heart breaking part of the day was this evening while we were praying. We asked Sebby what he was thankful for and he said Baa Baa. Aww, poor Sebby, he was thankful for his "missing" best friend.

We assured him that Baa Baa was fine, still vacationing in France and would hopefully join us in a few days. Then we sent him to bed with 2 new friends, Bear Bear & Giraffe. Thankfully he didn't seem too distressed but I still feel horrible and am determined to get Baa Baa back if at all possible. I've emailed the owner of the guesthouse asking him if he could send Baa Baa back to us. Here's to hoping for a positive response!

Until then, here's a reminder of happier times, Baa Baa napping in between Daddy & Sebby.

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Vanessa Strickland said...

Aw how sad! I can't imagine losing Jude's bunny. Maybe now that he's three it wouldn't be as bad, but at Sebby's age, it would be total and utter devastation. I'm not sure sleep would come for a long, long time.
Thankful you all got some sleep even without Baa Baa.