Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Belly

As soon as we found out I was pregnant, we started teaching Sebby that there was a baby in my belly. He's a quick learner and he soon seemed to understand.

He began pointing at my belly and saying "baby" any time he would see it (like when I was in the shower).

Now he hugs his baby sister at least a few times every day.

He often spontaneously hugs my belly. 
So adorable!

When he sees pictures of pregnant women, he now points at their bellies and says "baby."

"What a smart kid!" I thought proudly.

Then a few days ago, he came into the living room with a bottle of cream, lifted his shirt, rubbed his belly and said "baby."
 I laughed out loud because I understood his intent right away.
He wanted help putting cream on his baby belly, just like he sees Momma doing every morning.
Then yesterday evening he pointed at Darren's belly, said "baby" and gave his belly a big hug.
 So funny!

Guess he doesn't have the whole baby-in-belly thing totally figured out just yet?!

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