Wednesday, June 6, 2012


After dinner last night I started to feel very nauseous. I relaxed on the couch for most of the evening, hoping it would pass but when I got up to get ready for bed, I felt even worse. I threw up most of my dinner then went to bed. I woke up several times throughout the night, still with that icky feeling in my stomach and after sipping a bit of orange juice around 4:30am, threw up again. 

Sitting in bed as the clock approached 5am, I was thinking, "Oh no! Sebby could wake up at any moment and be up for the day. This won't be fun." I lay back down and tried to drift back to sleep, hoping that he would sleep until at least 6am as he sometimes does.

I woke to the sound of his crying and took off my eye mask to discover that it was really bright in our room. It had to be later than 6. I was shocked after my quick glance at my phone that showed it was 8:30am! He had slept 12 hours for only the second time in his life!!! 

I knew that it was a special blessing from God on a morning when I wasn't feeling well. 

I was so thankful that God graciously gave me after a few hours more sleep. By that time I felt much better and was ready to try drinking something else. I drank a bottle of ginger beer and rested awhile longer while Darren hung out with Sebby until he went off to work.

I have no idea if I ate something bad or if I had a bit of a flu bug or if it was a bout of morning sickness re-appearing but whatever it was, I hope I don't repeat the experience anytime soon.

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